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    The parent company Genotypic (GTPL) is a Genomics company, which has consciously focused on building its capability in adaptation of multiple genomic technologies and applying the same to challenging questions posed by users across the life sciences spectrum. GTPL is India’s first Genomics Company established in 1998. GTPL is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited Company. GTPL ‘s alliance Partners are in Australia, Israel, Singapore, UK, Germany, South Africa, Middle East, Malaysia, Canada, and USA. GTPL has successfully completed more than 500 NGS projects and more than 2000 microarray projects. Users of GTPL service is more than 400 in India and more than 300 worldwide.

    QTLomics was incubated at Genotypic for the past two years. QTLomics is now proudly a Genotypic Group Company. Genomics applications in Agriculture will be provided through GTPL whose business is optimized, certified and proven for fifteen years and known for simplifying Genomics, with worldwide presence and reputation. QTLomics would be branded as a cutting edge Agri Genomics Company catering services from wet lab –tissue culture -shade net –green house- Open field. QTLomics would be seen as a high end Agri CRO where it would be viewed as a partner of choice for Agri Universities, Institutes, Seed industries and Agribiotech companies. We have a pool of talented scientists, who provide services as per the high quality norms. Due to their in-depth knowledge and expertise, we are able to meet the demands of the clients. Their painstaking efforts aid us to attain desired organizational aims within the well-defined time frame.

    QTLex is a unique Buyer and Seller app initiated by QTLomics team to support in interacting & facilitating the R&D, Agri-business and other business opportunities between two parties online. This requirement has arrived during this pandemic because sales professionals and customers are avoiding travelling and face to face meetings.
    QTLex allows customers to post their requirements to all the suppliers maintaining privacy and without revealing their name and address. QTLex is different from online market places like Amazon, Flipkart and IndiaMART, customers need not to browse and choose the list of products to buy instead they can generate a lead automatically for the suppliers to respond to. Thus, QTLex enables efficient transfer of requirements from the client to suppliers during this pandemic period and beyond.
  • Management & Team

    Dr. Raja Mugasimangalam (Founder and Chairman)
    Raja, a technocrat turned entrepreneur (founder and CEO of Genotypic) has 2 decades of experience in innovating, developing and applying Genomics technologies (qPCR, Microarray, Molecular biology, NGS and Genome informatics). His expertise in combining technology, business and delivery spreads across various domains from basic research to clinical trials including novel methods for SNP genotyping and bulk segregant analysis in plants. "Anything can be done better" and lookout for small things that make big differences is his mantra which was successfully applied in various technology and business domains. Raja holds Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry (PSG CAS, Coimbatore), Masters & Ph.D in Biotechnology from Madurai Kamaraj University. His research career post-Ph.D involved developing novel methods for DNA sequencing for the human genome project (Weizmann Institute, Israel and Argonne National Lab Argonne II) and mutating specificity of restriction enzymes (Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center, San Diego, USA). He has developed novel methods for constructing cDNA microarrays during his stint at QBI Enterprises Ltd., Israel (part of Quark Pharma, USA, the pioneering siRNA Company). His accomplishments include several peer reviewed research articles, inventions reports, and several US patents. With a family background of farming, his passion is agriculture and he looks forward to apply successful genomics methods in making better plants for tomorrow.

    Kannan Ramesh (Director)
    A Strategist, His core competence, simply put is the ability to understand business, demystify the complexity of the problem or the situation and offering simple and effective solutions. Specialties: Strategy & Innovation Practice. He comes with vast and varied experience with a cutting edge perspective, clarity and understanding of issues concerning an Enterprise and playing significant co-leadership role (from outside) with promoter/s in significantly transforming enterprises and catapulting them into a new orbit.

    Dr. Krishnaprasad Subbarao(COO)
    Holds a Ph.D. degree in Biological Chemistry (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel), Master’s degree in Agricultural microbiology and Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture (UAS, Bangalore, India). After his Masters, he has worked at Indian Institute of Science in the Department of Biochemistry in the area of Plant Virus Research, Tissue Culture and Plant Transformation. He worked as Principal Scientist in Pharma sector for 8 years (Aurigene Discovery Technology Ltd., Bangalore) catering to global Pharma Companies like Novartis, Sanofi-Aventis, J&J, Abbott Laboratories, Debio Pharma, Orion Pharma, Endo Pharma heading conceptualization, monitoring of execution and delivery of projects and creation of IP. During the past year (as VP, Genotypic Technology), he worked closely with technology partners, several Indian and global seed companies and Agricultural Universities to address the challenges faced by plant breeders. His aim is to apply cutting edge genomics technologies in plant breeding. Prasad is also involved in R&D projects involving De-novo NGS sequencing and marker development in rare crops. With a growing population, increasing life expectancy and improved health care and quality of life and decrease in fossil fuel reserves, Prasad believes that better plants being developed by today’s breeders is important for providing food, fuel, fiber, fodder, flowers, flavors and raw material for various industries.
    Email ID: krishnaprasad.s@qtlomics.com

    Dr. Rajashekhar Ballari (Principal Scientist & Manager)
    Holds a Ph.D. in Biotechnology from CSIR-Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysore. He has nearly past 12 years of research experience in working with various projects from different funding agencies involving method development and validation for GMO detection, Food pathogens and allergens detection based on PCR, Real time PCR, ELISA and Sanger DNA Sequencing. He has expertise in GM Food detection, gluten free food certification and Food composition analysis for proteins and amino acids, gene cloning, protein expression and DNA and N-terminal Protein Sequencing. He has 3 yeas post Ph.D. experience at CSIR-CFTRI as CSIR-Scientist Fellow where he was responsible for setting up Nutriomics Facility and worked as in charge of the facility and GM Food Referral Lab. He is working as Principal Scientist in Qtlomics Technologies to utilize Nanopore and NGS sequencing data for developing genomic resources to accelerate Agrigenomics research like Marker discovery, Insert Characterization, Metagenomics, and GMO Screening.
    Email ID: rajashekhar@qtlomics.com
  • Key Team Members

    Dr. Priyanka Verma: Holds a PhD degree in Biotechnology from Jamia Hamdard University (New Delhi). She has worked at National Institute of Plant Genome Research (NIPGR, New Delhi) and have experience in molecular biology specializing in the field of molecular markers. She has worked on different marker systems such as SSR, SNP, ILP, EST etc. on development and application of molecular markers in wide variety of plants. She is also well versed with the library preparation for NGS. She wants to use her experience in developing marker assays for testing and authentication purposes.
    Email ID: priyanka.v@qtlomics.com

    Ms. Keya Mukherjee: Obtained her Masters in molecular biology and genetics, from The University of Burdwan, West Bengal. Had worked in population genetics and mineral content in plants like Carrica papaya. Worked in CSIR for anti-TB phytomolecules. She did research internship from CSIR-NISCAIR in scientific writing for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Abstract. Also has experience in molecular aspects of plant breeding programme from IARI, New Delhi. She has worked on SSR and SNP marker for molecular assisted selection and Hybridity test analysis using PCR. She gained experience in working with Nanopore sequencing and wish to work more in NGS level work.
    Email ID: keya.m@qtlomics.com

    Sudeep N:  Obtained his MSc degree in Molecular Biology and Human Genetics from Sri Devraj Urs Academy of Higher Education and Research. He has hands on experience in molecular biology cell biology and drug delivery techniques. He has worked on cytotoxicity studies using medicinal plants and plant Nano particles and he also have experience in genetic analysis techniques like PCR,RFLP,DNA sequencing, He has done 3 months Internship in Institute of Drug Delivery and Biomedical Research and got hands on experience in atomic absorption spectroscopy, HPLC, Animal tissue sectioning, Animal handling and Permeation studies. Currently he is working in QTLomics technologies as a research associate for idea2poc project funded by KBIT's. He has publication in journal of chemical and pharmaceutical research (JOCPR, N Sudeep et al J. Chem.Pharm. Res., 2017, 9(7):18 26).
    Email ID: sudeep.n@qtlomics.com

    Raghunandan G: Obtained his Msc in Biotechnology from sredevi PG centre Tumkur. He has experience in isolation of DNA from plants, Bacteria, microorganisms, PCR, RFLP. Currently he is working in QTLomics technologies as a research associate for idea2poc project funded by KBIT's.

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    QTLomics Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
    #2/5, Dhalia Building, 80 feet Road, RMV 2nd stage
    Bangalore -560094,

    Contact Number :+91 80235 15006
    Email: contactATqtlomics.com
    Website: www.qtlomics.com

  • Contact us
    QTLomics Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
    #2/5, Dhalia Building, 80 feet Road,
    RMV 2nd stage
    Bangalore -560094,
  • Contact Number :+91 80235 15006
    Email: contactATqtlomics.com

    Website: www.qtlomics.com
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